After the Fire

Melanie Miller



ART STUDIO M Multi medium artist

My lifelong  goal  has  always  been  to  be  an  artist.    While  raising a  child  I  worked  as  a  single  mom  in  many  fields  which  never  allowed  time  for  serious  art.      Now I’m  retired and  happily  married  to  the  love  of  my  life  who  supports  my  long  time  goal.  I  love  watercolor  and  flowers,  and  while  investigating  new  techniques,  I  came  across  something  completely  out  of  my  realm  of  love  for  art!    I  never  in  my  wildest  dreams  thought  I  would  create  abstract  art.    Only  3  months  into  learning  this  process,  I was    blessed  to  meet  an  artist  who  saw  my  work  and  asked  me  to  show  in  The  Gallery  on  Chippewa  Square.    My  immediate  response  was  “oh,  thank  you,  but  I’m  not  ready.”    Her  response  was  “you  are  definitely  ready.”

My  art  is  now  showing  in  The  Gallery  on  Chippewa  Square,  232  Bull  Street,  Savannah,  GA

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Beads in the series are from my mother, Thelma Waters and my life long friend‘s mother, Dot Marinello.  They are both gone for many rears. This series is a way to honor them both. Truly wonderful mothers and ladies.

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